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A heavy-duty vehicle is nothing without its heavy-duty transmission. A transmission is a set of gears, that when utilized correctly, enables the drive to haul extremely heavy loads. There are a lot of moving parts within your transmission, all of which need to be properly lubricated. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we consider ourselves to be transmission experts. Our services are effective and will keep your transmission working for years to come.

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Mechanic repairing transmission at Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

We want to get you back out on the roading where you and your newly maintained transmission can tow over 80,000 pounds comfortably. 

Slow Shifting

If your transmission a long time to shift, chances are you need to change your transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating your transmission, so if the gears are struggling to change, chances are something is clogged up. This generally happens more on automatic transmissions rather than manual transmissions. 

Gear Slippage

If your gears are slipping, your transmission may be near the end of its life. Slipping a gear is when the engine free revs despite indicating that you’re in gear. It’s kind of like being in neutral, where your engine and transmission are no longer connected. If this starts happening to your vehicle, we highly recommend you come in for service so we can salvage what’s left of your transmission. 

Burning Smells

Generally, a burning smell is attributed to grinding gears. When gears are not properly lubricated and come into contact with other pieces of metal, a lot of friction is created, which in turn leads to a burning smell. This puts your heavy-duty vehicle at risk of fire and destruction. 

Shaking or Vibrating

If your vehicle shakes or vibrates while shifting, something inside of your transmission may have come loose. Either that or your driveline is also being affected. Drivelines have been known to cause vibrating when warped.

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