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The heavy-duty diesel engines of today are a lot more powerful than their predecessors, but unlike older versions, today’s engines are a lot more complex. This means a significant increase in electrical systems and their importance. Diagnosing electrical problems can be a daunting task, but here at Kuntz Truck Repair, our highly experienced and skilled technicians are experts at wire tracing and troubleshooting. There’s no better way to get your electrical system repaired than to visit Kuntz Truck Repair LLC.

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Engine diagnostics at Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

How do our technicians diagnose electrical issues? Kuntz Truck Repair technicians will access your vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which is a system that reports on the performance of various sensors and electrical components throughout your vehicle. Due to the sheer amount of sensors and electronic components, we only hire the best diagnostic technicians in an effort to speed up the otherwise slow process. 

Symptoms of a Bad Electrical System

Electrical systems are incredibly complex in modern-day heavy-duty vehicles. Because of this, the symptoms of a bad electrical system are lengthy. For your reference, we’ve put together a list of the most common electrical system failure symptoms. 

Dashboard Lights

Most electrical system issues will cause one or more of your dashboard lights on. Sometimes there’s simply a fault within the light itself, or there’s an issue that’s causing the light to activate. This is typically a good source of information for our diagnostic technicians. 

Inoperable Vehicle Mechanisms

Mechanisms like window actuators, door locks, and power seat adjustment tools may stop working as a result of electrical issues. 

Engine Misfire or Inability to Start

If your engine fails to start or is misfiring, chances are there’s an ignition issue caused by an electrical problem. This may involve your fuel injectors or glow plugs, which in modern-day diesels, are controlled by your vehicle’s ECU. 

Burnt Plastic Smell

If your cabin is starting to smell like burning plastic, chances are there’s an issue with your wiring. This is an extremely serious problem, for it may cause an electrical fire. Discolored wiring is likely an indicator of a future electrical fire as well.

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