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There are a vast array of fluids that need to be changed in your vehicle. Some are responsible for absorbing heat, whereas others are solely responsible for lubricating moving components. Regardless of the fluid type, they all need to be changed at some point or another. Schedule a service with Kuntz Truck Repair for all of your oil or fluid needs.

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Below we’ve put together an all-encompassing list that you can reference when planning maintenance for your heavy-duty commercial vehicle. 

Engine Oil Change

Your engine oil needs to be changed on a regular basis or you run the risk of catastrophic damage. Engine keeps your engine properly lubricated. Without it, your engine would cease or catch fire. Check your owner’s manual for information regarding service intervals, oil types, etc. If you don’t have the manual or would prefer not to use it, feel free to give us a call and we’ll give you the information you need. 

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is responsible for keeping the moving parts in your transmission properly lubricated. Without proper lubrication, your entire drivetrain is at risk. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or call us for service interval information. 

Differential Fluid

The differentials in your heavy-duty commercial are responsible for moving power from your driveshaft to your drive axles. The gears within these differentials require proper lubrication. This fluid does not have to be changed nearly as much as engine oil or transmission fluid. 

Engine Coolant

Engine coolant keeps your engine operating at an adequate temperature. Over time it loses its ability to absorb heat and needs to be changed. 

Brake Fluid

Smaller heavy-duty commercial vehicles that don’t use air brakes will need to replace their brake fluid at regular intervals. A warning sign for bad brake fluid is a lack of braking power. 

Steering Fluid

Hydraulic steering setups use steering fluid. This fluid, like the others, needs to be changed at regular intervals. Generally, you’ll know when it starts to boil within its reservoir, or when your steering gets very loud. 

For a full list of fluid services, feel free to give one of our industry experts a call.

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