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Mechanic working on diesel engine repair at Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC, we offer most maintenance and repair services. Modern-day diesels are powerful and reliable, yet just as complex. This means routine maintenance is a necessity. The three most common, and arguably the most important, maintenance items are changing engine oil, your oil filter, and your fuel filters. These three items should be done on a regular basis, and usually happen all at once. Your engine oil is responsible for the lubrication of moving parts in your engine. Without proper engine oil, those parts will begin to experience more friction, which of course leads to other more serious problems. Oil filters ensure your oil is clean and free of debris, whereas fuel filters clean your fuel. Both your oil and fuel filters must be replaced, otherwise, your fuel injectors may get clogged, and your engine may cease up. 

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC, we do not offer major engine repairs. However, we do offer a full suite of maintenance services. Whether you need an oil change or new spark plugs, you can rest assured knowing Kuntz Truck Repair LLC has your back. 

Symptoms of a Bad Diesel Engine


If your diesel engine is overheating but you are confident it has nothing to do with your coolant system, chances are your oil needs to be changed. When the oil level drops too low, or the oil becomes contaminated, the moving parts in your diesel engine will not be adequately lubricated. 

Engine Fails to Start

If your engine fails to start despite your battery being fully charged, chances are you need to replace your glow plugs or fuel injectors. Sometimes fuel filters may also become clogged and will prevent the engine from starting as well. 

Engine Misfire

If your engine is misfiring, chances are you need to replace your fuel injectors or your glow plugs. 

White Smoke from Exhaust

If your engine is producing white smoke you may have blown a head gasket. Another easy way to know if you’ve blown a head gasket is to see if your radiator is low on coolant. Engines will fly through coolant when they have a blown head gasket.

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