Truck Suspension Repair Services in Windham, OH

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles often have complex suspension systems that require relatively complex maintenance. These suspension setups are designed to handle extremely heavy loads so proper maintenance is critical. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of suspension services that are sure to fit your every need. Our process is efficient, effective, and safe. 

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Diesel truck suspension repair service from Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are one of the most common spring types on heavy-duty suspension setups. They support the weight of your vehicle as well as what you’re hauling. Over time leaf springs may crack, rust, or flatten. When this happens, it’s time to replace them altogether. Fortunately, leaf springs are very easy to replace, and won’t take much time in the shop. 

Air Suspension

Air suspension setups can be very complex. They include airbags, air compressors, air lines, and a decent amount of sensors and valves. Because of this, air suspensions require not only routine maintenance, but routine inspection. We highly recommend you get your air suspension inspected on a regular basis. 


Bushings are small pieces of metal that absorb road vibrations in order to protect vital suspension components. Over time they wear out and need to be replaced. Replacing worn-out bushings is a necessity, for if you don’t, you may end up damaging springs, shocks, and other vital infrastructure. 

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers control the rebound movement of your suspension. When you go over a pothole or speed bump, shocks are the reason why your vehicle doesn’t bounce. Not only would that cause injury to the driver, but it would put your valuable cargo at risk too. Over time shocks may leak or rust, which compromises their performance and functionality. 

Torque Rods

Torque rods are a critical linkage within your heavy-duty suspension setup. They generally connect your differential housing to your frame in order to prevent the twisting of your frame under high torque. The linkages themselves will last indefinitely, but the bushings on either side of your torque rod may wear out over time.

For all your suspension service needs, Kuntz Truck Repair LLC has your back. Why not give us a call today? Your heavy-duty truck will thank you.

Our Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

Our certified diesel mechanic team at Kuntz Truck Repair are more than capable of handling all your truck & fleet service needs. We'll walk you through your service options, and make it our priority to get your truck back on the road running smoothly. Get in touch today to schedule repairs!

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Axle Repair

Heavy-duty vehicles require heavy-duty axles in order to stay in motion. These axles are directly connected to your vehicle’s drivetrain and are responsible for delivering your engine’s torque to your wheels. Since heavy-duty commercial vehicles are routinely outputting significant torque, heavy-duty axles are almost always under significant stress. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC, our team of experienced industry experts will repair, maintain, or replace heavy-duty axles of all kinds.

Brake Repair

It takes a lot of force to bring a heavy-duty commercial vehicle to a stop. Unlike small passenger vehicles, the brakes on heavy-duty trucks are very complex and need routine maintenance to avoid catastrophic failure. Making sure these systems are maintained and working properly is a matter of public safety for the brake failure of a large commercial truck affects everyone on the road. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC, we provide a full suite of brake maintenance and repair services. Whether you need routine maintenance or complex repairs, you can rest assured knowing that Kuntz Truck Repair has you covered.

Coolant System Repair

Your heavy-duty coolant system is responsible for keeping your diesel engine at an adequate operating temperature. By regulating the temperature within the engine block and cylinder head, the engine is able to perform at peak efficiency and performance for long periods of time. A coolant system that’s not properly maintained is one that is prone to failure. If your coolant system fails, your engine is at risk of catastrophic failure. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of coolant system repair and maintenance services.

DOT Inspection

If your vehicle weighs over 10,000 pounds, you are required by law to obtain a DOT inspection report on an annual basis. DOT inspections can be done at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC. These inspections include checks for documentation, vehicle functionality, load safety, trailer functionality, and more.

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

The heavy-duty diesel engines of today are a lot more powerful than their predecessors, but unlike older versions, today’s engines are a lot more complex. This means a significant increase in electrical systems and their importance. Diagnosing electrical problems can be a daunting task, but here at Kuntz Truck Repair, our highly experienced and skilled technicians are experts at wire tracing and troubleshooting. There’s no better way to get your electrical system repaired than to visit Kuntz Truck Repair LLC.

Driveline Repair

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of driveline services. Your driveline is an extremely important component with respect to the operational capacity of your vehicle. Your driveline, which is made up of driveshafts and differentials, is responsible for transferring power from your transmission to your wheels. Your driveshaft sends power to your differential, which is then sent to your drive axles, which then turn your vehicle’s wheels. Without a driveline, your vehicle would be rendered immobile. 

Engine Repair & Maintenance

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC, we offer most maintenance and repair services. Modern-day diesels are powerful and reliable, yet just as complex. This means routine maintenance is a necessity. The three most common, and arguably the most important, maintenance items are changing engine oil, your oil filter, and your fuel filters. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair LLC, we do not offer major engine repairs. However, we do offer a full suite of maintenance services. Whether you need an oil change or new spark plugs, you can rest assured knowing Kuntz Truck Repair LLC has your back. 

Exhaust System Repair

Your exhaust system is designed to accomplish several things at once. Firstly, your exhaust is designed in such a way that carbon emissions exit away from your cabin. This protects you from harmful carcinogens in your exhaust fumes. Secondly, your exhaust is designed to manage the amount of carbon that’s released into the atmosphere. This is done using your truck’s catalytic converter. Thirdly, exhausts are designed to keep your engine relatively quiet. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of repair and maintenance services for all types of exhaust systems.

Express Lube

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we understand that every minute your truck is off the road is a minute too long. That’s why we offer Express Lube service. This is a service dedicated to hitting the routine maintenance points in the most efficient way possible. We’re dedicated to getting you in and out as soon as possible. Our Express Lube service includes oil changes, oil filter changes, fuel filter changes, air filter changes, and more.

HVAC System Repair

An HVAC system in a heavy-duty commercial vehicle is one that’s designed to handle weather of all kinds. Regardless of the snowstorms, heat waves, heavy rain, or hail you find yourself in, your HVAC system should keep you comfortable throughout all of it. Unfortunately, over time your HVAC system will begin to wear down. Your HVAC system needs routine maintenance, without it, you run the risk of requiring extremely expensive repairs and replacements. Don’t let a small issue turn into a big one, or a big issue turn into a catastrophic one. Contact Kuntz Truck Repair today.

Oil & Fluid

There are a vast array of fluids that need to be changed in your vehicle. Some are responsible for absorbing heat, whereas others are solely responsible for lubricating moving components. Regardless of the fluid type, they all need to be changed at some point or another. Schedule a service with Kuntz Truck Repair for all of your oil or fluid needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring you perform adequate preventative maintenance is key to a long-lasting and well-performing vehicle. Kuntz Truck Repair is a strong believer in preventative maintenance. Taking a proactive approach is the best way to ensure your truck stays fully operational for as long as possible. Heavy-duty trucks are used and abused, so why not give them a little love every once in a while. The care you show them in the shop will reflect in the reliability they give you out on the road.

Suspension Repair

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles often have complex suspension systems that require relatively complex maintenance. These suspension setups are designed to handle extremely heavy loads so proper maintenance is critical. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of suspension services that are sure to fit your every need. Our process is efficient, effective, and safe. 

Tire Repair

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground. As such, it’s vital they’re maintained appropriately. Less than satisfactory tires will render systems like your brake and suspension irrelevant because your vehicle won’t operate without tires! Whether it be balancing, repairing, or rotating tires, Kuntz Truck Repair is a full-service repair shop that is bound to meet your tire needs.

Transmission & Clutch Repair

A heavy-duty vehicle is nothing without its heavy-duty transmission. A transmission is a set of gears, that when utilized correctly, enables the drive to haul extremely heavy loads. There are a lot of moving parts within your transmission, all of which need to be properly lubricated. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we consider ourselves to be transmission experts. Our services are effective and will keep your transmission working for years to come.

Wheel Alignment

Have you ever felt as though your truck pulls to the right or left when trying to drive straight? This is usually due to an imbalance somewhere in your steering and wheel setup. Whether through age or prolonged use, tires can sometimes end up pointing in slightly different directions. That slight distance is often enough to throw off a vehicle’s performance altogether. If you're noticing your truck pulling to the right then it's time to bring it to Kuntz Truck Repair for a wheel alignment.

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