Truck Suspension Repair Services in Windham, Ohio

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles often have complex suspension systems that require relatively complex maintenance. These suspension setups are designed to handle extremely heavy loads so proper maintenance is critical. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of suspension services that are sure to fit your every need. Our process is efficient, effective, and safe. 

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Diesel truck suspension repair service from Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are one of the most common spring types on heavy-duty suspension setups. They support the weight of your vehicle as well as what you’re hauling. Over time leaf springs may crack, rust, or flatten. When this happens, it’s time to replace them altogether. Fortunately, leaf springs are very easy to replace, and won’t take much time in the shop. 

Air Suspension

Air suspension setups can be very complex. They include airbags, air compressors, air lines, and a decent amount of sensors and valves. Because of this, air suspensions require not only routine maintenance, but routine inspection. We highly recommend you get your air suspension inspected on a regular basis. 


Bushings are small pieces of metal that absorb road vibrations in order to protect vital suspension components. Over time they wear out and need to be replaced. Replacing worn-out bushings is a necessity, for if you don’t, you may end up damaging springs, shocks, and other vital infrastructure. 

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers control the rebound movement of your suspension. When you go over a pothole or speed bump, shocks are the reason why your vehicle doesn’t bounce. Not only would that cause injury to the driver, but it would put your valuable cargo at risk too. Over time shocks may leak or rust, which compromises their performance and functionality. 

Torque Rods

Torque rods are a critical linkage within your heavy-duty suspension setup. They generally connect your differential housing to your frame in order to prevent the twisting of your frame under high torque. The linkages themselves will last indefinitely, but the bushings on either side of your torque rod may wear out over time.

For all your suspension service needs, Kuntz Truck Repair LLC has your back. Why not give us a call today? Your heavy-duty truck will thank you.

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