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Fleet services from Kuntz Truch Repair in Windham, Ohio

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of heavy-duty fleet services that are sure to meet a company’s every need. We service all types of heavy-duty vehicles, whether it be an 18-wheeler or dually pickup truck. Below you will find a list of our main fleet services.

Express Lube Services - Fluid and Filters

Our Express Lube service makes maintaining your fleet’s fluids a million times easier. We’ll work with you to schedule mass service to get you in and out as soon as possible. We understand that every minute you’re off the road is a minute you’re losing money. As former truck drivers ourselves, we share the same mindset. Efficiency is key.

DOT Inspections

The Department of Transportation requires that all heavy-duty vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs must obtain a DOT inspection certificate on an annual basis. Our mechanics and technicians are licensed to perform DOT inspections, meaning you won’t have to wait long excruciating hours at an official DOT inspection site.

Preventative Maintenance

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we strongly believe that a proactive approach to maintenance is far better than that of a reactive approach. Catching small issues before they become big issues, and catching big issues before they become catastrophic issues is our bread and butter. Our preventative maintenance service includes fluids, tires, belts, bushings, and more.

Why you should trust Kuntz Truck Repair

Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we operate on the principle that our customers are like family to us. We strive to make the experience as easy, efficient, and stress-free as possible. As former truck drivers, we understand the pressure truck drivers and fleet managers are under. The need to meet delivery schedules doesn’t always match up with maintenance schedules. We try to alleviate that stress by providing services that are fast, effective and proven to work. For all your fleet service needs, Kuntz has your back.

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