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HVAC repair services at Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

An HVAC system in a heavy-duty commercial vehicle is one that’s designed to handle weather of all kinds. Regardless of the snowstorms, heat waves, heavy rain, or hail you find yourself in, your HVAC system should keep you comfortable throughout all of it. Unfortunately, over time your HVAC system will begin to wear down. Sometimes compressors give out, airflow is blocked, or cabin air filters stop working effectively. Your HVAC system needs routine maintenance, for, without it, you run the risk of requiring extremely expensive repairs and replacements. The general consensus is that maintaining your HVAC system is considerably cheaper than repairing it if it breaks. Taking a proactive approach to HVAC maintenance is far better than a reactive approach. 

Symptoms of a Bad HVAC System

No Air Pressure From Cabin Vents

If you’re not getting adequate air pressure from your cabin vents, chances are something in your system is clogged. The most common culprit is your cabin air filter. This is something that’s easily replaced. However, if the cabin air filter is not the culprit, you’ll need to get your HVAC system inspected for other blockages. 

Too Much Moisture in the Air

One of the primary functions of your A/C system is the removal of moisture from your cabin air. If you’re noticing an increase in moisture, chances are your A/C system needs maintenance. 

Trouble Defrosting Windows in Winter

If your windows are not defrosting, you may have clogged vents. Before you bring your vehicle in for inspection, check to see if all the vents have the same issue. Are they all not working right? Or is it just one? This is important information that will speed up our diagnostics process. 

If you’ve noticed any of the above issues, we highly recommend you bring your heavy-duty commercial vehicle in for service. Don’t let a small issue turn into a big issue, or a big issue turn into a catastrophic issue. Contact us today for more information.

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