Truck Preventative Maintenance Service in Windham, Ohio

Mechanic performing preventive maintenance to diesel truck at Kuntz Truck Repair in Windham, Ohio

Ensuring you perform adequate preventative maintenance is key to a long-lasting and well-performing vehicle. Here at Kuntz Truck Repair, we offer a full suite of preventative maintenance services. We’ve put together an all-encompassing list below for your reference. 

Engine Oil

Staying on top of your engine oil needs is the first step to performing effective preventative maintenance. Engine oil lubricates all of the moving components in your engine to reduce friction and prevent catastrophic damage. Engine oil needs to be replaced on a regular basis.

Engine Coolant

The coolant in your engine is responsible for absorbing heat in order to keep your engine at an adequate operating temperature. Coolant tends to lose its ability to absorb heat over time, and as such, needs to be changed on a regular basis. 

Oil and Fuel Filters

Oil and Fuel Filters are generally changed at the same time as your engine oil. An oil filter cleans the impurities out of your oil, whereas fuel filters ensure your fuel injectors don’t get clogged. 


Your tires are an essential part of your heavy-duty vehicle. They allow you to stop reliably, provide control in all types of weather, and are designed to handle extreme amounts of weight. To keep them fully functional, they need to be rotated, balanced and swapped out on a regular basis. 

Air Brakes

Air brake systems are incredibly complex. Although there aren’t components that need to be replaced on a regular basis, routine inspection is definitely important. Over time valves may leak and lines may get clogged. It’s important to know where your systems are at all times. 


As a heavy-duty commercial trucker, chances are you drive quite a lot at night. This is impossible without proper lighting. Be sure to carry extra bulbs or get them replaced regularly to avoid issues. 

Kuntz Truck Repair is a strong believer in preventative maintenance. Taking a proactive approach is the best way to ensure your truck stays fully operational for as long as possible. Heavy-duty trucks are used and abused, so why not give them a little love every once in a while. The care you show them in the shop will reflect in the reliability they give you out on the road.

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