What Makes Kenworth & Peterbilt Such Great Trucks?

What Makes Kenworth & Peterbilt Such Great Trucks?

We frequently get asked what truck brand should a trucker purchase when transitioning from a company driver to an owner-operator. The Kenworth and Peterbilt brands are two of the leading competitors, and both of them have a fantastic reputation for being sturdy, high-quality vehicles.

Understanding that PACCAR produces both the Peterbilt and the Kenworth trucks leads to a better sense of confidence in terms of the quality of these trucks.  

What makes Peterbilt & Kenworth trucks outstanding?

There are several reasons why truckers throughout North America have repeatedly chosen Kenworth and Peterbilt as their preferred brands to drive. In addition to having a vast dealership network and excellent customer service, they are more intelligently designed and made of superior materials overall.

What makes people buy Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks? 

Truckers have realized that, when compared to the competitors, PACCAR produces high-quality trucks that infrequently need repairs as long as regular maintenance is performed.  With such a slim profit margin, truck purchasers can't afford downtime. The competitors’ subpar construction and lax quality control have led to a steady loss of market share to PACCAR. Currently, PACCAR has a market share of roughly 28%.

Fleet owners also recognize the benefits of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. More and more fleets are investing in these models as a means of driver retention.  Nobody will go from driving a brand-new T680 Kenworth in one fleet to a Freightliner in another. Trucking firms are working to keep their drivers and Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks are powerful incentives. 

How is PACCAR expanding its market share?

PACCAR manufacturing facilities run with less downtime than their competitors, allowing them to reliably produce Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks.  In addition, Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks have a reputation for decreased breakdowns and tend to require less extensive repairs than their heavy-duty counterparts. It's essential to make the most of the equipment since freight rates are now low. Downtime is not an option for the vehicle owner. PACCAR is preferred by both the major players and the little players because its trucks have fewer mechanical problems than those made by Freightliner, Volvo, and Mack. While keeping these facts in mind, consider getting a Kenworth or Peterbilt truck without thinking twice.

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